like a blossom unfolding
2015 - Alto Saxophone, Piano - [7:30]

Commissioned by Dr. Wally Wallace, saxophone

In Schenkerian theory, "unfolding" is a technique of melodic prolongation where vertically-aligned pitches are presented horizontally so that a simple voice-leading pattern can be extended over a longer period of time.  This stretching of small materials into larger, more complex structures reminds me of how a blossoming flower opens itself up to the sun.  I am often mesmerized by time-lapse videos of these flowers' movements, and I would like to imagine that like a blossom unfolding is a musical representation of this process, beginning introspectively but unfolding over time to reveal hidden beauty.  Additionally, several melodic fragments are direct quotes from actual Schenkerian graphs.

external drive
2015 - Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Piano - [6:30]

If I asked you to imagine a musical representation of a computer crash, I guarantee that you would not imagine anything at all resembling this piece – and that is precisely the point.  external drive represents instead a computer crash from the perspective of the virus causing the crash.  Follow its plight through firewalls and security checkpoints, knowing that a successful mission will also cause the virus to cease existence.

Alpha Sierra
2015 - for two Antiphonally Stationed Alto Saxophones in Acoustic Space - [4:30]

Symmetry and balance are integral parts of Alpha Sierra (the phonetic alphabet words for "A.S.").  The letters A and S are each symmetrical: "A" can be folded in half across a vertical axis, and "S" is identical to its 180-degree rotation.  Similarly, the two Alto Saxophones reflect and rotate an initial musical motive through countless iterations, working as equal (and perhaps opposite) forces.  The symmetrical form features two distinct tempo markings: "Allegrissimo Saltando" and "Andante Sostenuto."  Through the use of microphone technology, the Amplified Sounds of the Alto Saxophones will occupy a larger Acoustic Space.

Blue Bluster
2014 - Saxophone Quartet - [5:00]

What would happen if blues music was put into a blender and homogenized with chromaticism, mixed meter, and a secret ingredient?  Probably something like this piece of music.  How will the secret ingredient come to life in the midst of a true "bluster" of sound?  Will you spot the ingredient before it spots you?