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Incandescent Beads
piano/keyboard and interactive media - [7'] - 2017

When gazing into the night sky, what can humans do but marvel at beauty of the stars? Although we can’t hear any sound from them, their sparkles and shimmers project a sort of cosmic rhythm. Not familiar with the glistening? Try listening. Little Incandescent Beads in the night sky, that’s what they are.

frame and pane
violin, Max/MSP - [6'30] - 2016

This improvisatory exploration for solo violin and computer is best performed in a cold, dark space. It seeks to portray the experience of looking out a window during a wintertime snowstorm. The computer, too, "improvises" its part so that, like the weather, no two listenings will ever be the same.

CONTACT THE COMPOSER for Max/MSP patch information.

the Face, the Hands
violin and interactive media - [7'30] - 2015

86,400 seconds elapse each day.  How often do we, as humans, actually "experience" the seconds ticking by?  How does our (im)perception of this constant pulse affect our thoughts, feelings, and actions?  Listen as the violin explores rhythms and pulses inspired by this singular, steady beat.  Do the seconds float in and out of your consciousness?  Can you feel them?

Composed for solo violin and Max/MSP.

CONTACT THE COMPOSER for Max/MSP patch information.


Loops for Lads and Lasses
2 or 8-channel live or fixed media - [8'30] - 2015

I. Lie Fist Butter
II. Take Meow Tooth A

The game "Mad Gab" involves players reading short, nonsensical phrases that, when spoken rapidly out loud, sound like a different word or phrase.  This concept led to the title and construction of my Loops for Lads and Lasses, a series of new takes on children's songs featuring manipulated recorded voice.  The compositions can be performed live for freedom of improvisation using Ableton Live (APC40 recommended), or can be played back from the recorded realization. 

You may recognize some of the words and melodies of Loops for Lads and Lasses, but when they are electronically altered, looped, and expanded, they might be "bee yawned wreck egg niece shun" and instead sound like "sum thin gnu."