Starmount Vespers
2016 - SATB Choir, String Orchestra - [15:00]

Starmount Vespers is an oratorio-style composition for SATB choir and string orchestra on the subjects of cyclicity and self-similarity.  Cyclical phenomena are widespread in the natural world (day and night, sleeping and waking, seasons, tides, etc.) and occur on many structural levels.  Starmount Vespers seeks to exemplify these harmonious relationships in both text and music, drawing influence from other cyclical works (such as Orff's Carmina Burana and Vivaldi's Gloria), the Prouhet-Thue-Morse sequence, and the compositional approaches of Danish composer Per Nørgård.  Nørgård's third symphony, in particular, is a mature representation of his melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic self-similar structures and informed much of Starmount Vespers' composition.

The texts were selected from the poetry of Thomas Hardy, H.P. Nichols, and Alfred, Lord Tennyson, and were adapted by the composer to better fit the narrative.  The resulting fourteen-minute composition both delivers a textual narrative on self-similarity and, through fractal patterns embedded in the musical parameters, embodies the text.

Be Still, and Know
2015 - SATB Choir (a capella) - [5:00]

A challenging and reflective setting of Psalm 46:10 for a capella SATB choir for use in the worship service or the concert hall.

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Insect Asides
2012 - Voice, Piano [7:30]

I. The Centipede
II. The Ant
III. The Fly
IV. The Firefly
V. The Wasp

Insect Asides, winner of the 2012 Thelma Thompson Composition Award, is a set of five humorous songs with texts by Ogden Nash.  Fear not, entomologists: the composer is very aware that the centipede is not actually an insect.  But Arthropod Asides just wouldn't be as catchy.